I Heart NY

This past weekend was fast but great!

Friday started with some rain. I elected to do my 10 mi long run Friday morning because I would be away Saturday morning and I didn’t want to miss it. This was my first long run since the race, and I have to tell you, I really wasn’t feeling it. All week I had been taking it easy in an effort to recover from the half. My legs and knees still felt weak pretty much all week, so I didn’t want to push. I skipped the gym on Monday, but made it to yoga on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the instructor decided to focus on the lower body.. And not stretching.. But holding poses like crescent, lunge, warrior II, and chair. Ow. I did a couple easy runs w/ the BF (walk/run for 2 mi, C25K stuff.. As my BF is not a runner and is training for a 5k in November) so I got a little running in, but I didn’t want to push. Thursday, I returned to my BodyRock workout in the morning (HIIT) and did Bodypump (a weight lifting class) and a half hr of Arc Trainer (elliptical machine) in the evening. Friday.. I was sore.

Dawn couldn’t make it to run with me, so I decided to run around my local neighborhoods. I set out, determined to take it slow. I’ve run a couple long runs (8- 10 milers) out on this course, and it’s hard- Lots of hills. I set out once the rain ended. The temperature was ok- in the 60s.. But the humidity was bad.. And I was drenched after mile one.. not to mention I had stepped in a giant puddle and got my left foot soaked. Great. Only 9 miles left. The first leg of the run is one I usually run mid week. It can be quite challenging, but I managed to keep a slow 10:30-11:00 min pace. The second leg was in a neighborhood. I had to stop to walk a little as I took my Gu gel.. But I found it was what I needed to keep going. My legs were sore from Bodypump, and my knees were feeling weak. I knew I was not fully recovered yet, but I was determined to continue. I finished 10.5 mi in just under 2 hrs. I was sore and weak. I filled my bathtub up with cold water and sat in it for 15 mins.. It was painful, but soothing all at the same time. Once I showered up, I felt better.. Although I was still sore.

Saturday was an EARLY morning. My BF and I were heading up to New York City for the weekend to visit his friend and his fiancée. My BF is originally from NY and met his friend in college. He currently lives in Manhattan, so we came up for a visit. I had been to NYC before.. But never overnight. We decided to take the train.. What we didn’t know however, is that the train is expensive! Probably just as much as flying. But the train station is a lot closer than the airport.. And a lot less hassle. So we splurged (well, he did.. Thanks Mike!!)

Our train was at 4:15 am.. So we were up at 2. ( told ya it was early!) We got to the station in plenty of time.. But when the train pulled up, it was on the opposite track! We booked it through the tunnel to the other side just in time.. But the conductor said he saw us and was holding the train (we were the only two passengers getting on at that station.) once we were settled in.. It was smooth sailing. The train was so smooth and fast.. We arrived in NYC in 2 hours 30 mins.. Now that’s traveling!

We made our way down the streets of Manhattan from Penn Station to the apartment. It was a nice 30 min walk, but the weather was great. The apartment was very small, but cozy.. And in a great area. We had a fantastic breakfast of NY bagels, tuna, egg salad tomatoes and orange juice. Then we ventured out to a fantastic farmer’s market at Union Square. It was huge! Who knew there was so much produce in the city. So many things to buy.. Veggies, baked goods, herbs, flowers, honey, fish, meat, fall decor, juices.. Mike and I bought a nice cup of mint tea sweetened with maple syrup.. It was delicious.

farmer’s market




Later in the afternoon, we took a walk down the East River.. All the way down to pier 17 and over to Wall Street. We passed under the Williamsburg Bridge, the manhattan bridge, and the famous Brooklyn bridge. We saw so many people, running, biking, and interestingly enough, skateboarding. I was secretly jealous of all the runners… I wanted to run too! (Despite the fact that I was still sore from Bodypump and running 10 mi.. Gotta love runners :-p) We stopped and had lunch at pier 17 overlooking the water, then continued on to Wall Street. We got to see the stock exchange, and the bull (although there were so many people around it, that I didn’t wait in line to get a picture.) then headed over to the 9/11 memorial.

Brooklyn Bridge

I had been to ground zero before.. A few years ago when it was still nothing but a hole and giant construction site. This was my first time seeing the new memorial. It was beautiful. I got a little teary eyed as I saw all the names carved in bronze around the pools. A guide walked up with a man to show him where the name he was looking for was located. I listened as the guy was describing how he knew the person.. He had worked with the wife of the man who died, and had to console her on that day.. They kept telling her.. He’s alive.. We know he’s alive.. He’s gotta be alive.. But turned out he was lost along with so many other people. It was so sad to hear, and I’ve never heard a first hand story before. The memorial was fantastic.. 2 giant pools, waterfalls on all sides cascade into a well, before cascading again into another, of which you can not see the bottom. There were 2, a north and a south pool, with names carved in bronze around the rails. Towering over us was the construction of the Freedom tower.. A massive sky scraper, taller than the towers it is replacing. In fact, it is the tallest building in NYC.

Freedom Tower.. still under construction

one of the pools at the 9/11 memorial

We left there and headed down to Battery Park. There we stood by the water overlooking the Statue of Liberty.. Quite awesome looking in the sunset. We headed to Francis Tavern.. A restaurant and bar that dated back to 1762. They had SO many beers to choose from.. Bottled and on tap, import and micro-brew.. Definitely a unique place. I settled with a pumpkin spice martini.. One in which I will definitely have to make at home. We then headed out to Stone street.. A cute little square with a cobblestone street, with tons of restaurants and bars. We found an Irish pub that had amazing food.. I had a salmon burger with mixed greens on the side.. And Mike had a spicy meatloaf sandwich with jalapeños and sweet potato fries. SO GOOD!

We headed back to the apartment after that.. I can’t even tell you how much we walked. It was not even 10 yet, but seeing as how I was up at 2 am, it felt like 2 am lol. The next morning we all took our time getting up and then headed down the street to a place called Banc for brunch. I had an amazing egg dish.. I just had to get a picture of..

Portabella Florentine

On the way.. Look what I found!


After brunch we said our goodbyes and headed back to Penn. We caught our train back and was home by 4:30. Oh.. And we did see 3 pugs on our travels… Although none as cute as my Zeus.. Who was waiting for us at my mom’s.

smile for the camera!

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