Counting Down…

The Baltimore Running Festival is here!! This time tomorrow I’ll have run my third half marathon and earned two new medals 🙂

Last night Dawn and I hit up the expo. I’m not the one to spend a lot of money… but I’ve had my eye on some gear for a while now, and took advantage of some great discounts.

First up, Bibs!


I’ve been thinking about my marathon, and I was thinking that with all the extra gels I’ll need to carry for the longer distances, I probably wouldn’t be able to carry my phone too. That made me sad. BUT then I thought to look into a fuel belt… one with loops on the strap to hold the gels, AND a pouch for your phone etc, AND I could even get fancy and get one with a bib attachment.. that way it leaves more room on my singlet for adornments. WELL look what I found at the expo 😀

everything I ever wanted!

oh… and those bright pink things underneith my fuel belt.. those would be my brand new arm warmers..

great deal for $10!

Throughout the summer, I’ve had my eye on a pair of sport sunglasses on amazon. They were cute, and the price at around $50 was reasonable, considering they had lenses you could change out. BUT they’ve been out of stock online for months now.. and I haven’t really been able to find a pair I liked since. SO when I saw there was a sunglasses vendor at the expo… I HAD to check it out. I found an awesome pair of sunglasses… very lightweight, fog resistant.. and PURPLE! But not a bright annoying purple.. a deep plum purple with just enough brightness that you could tell they were not black. AND while looking at them, the vendor came over and explained that this particular style was made especially for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, and that a portion of every one sold went to the LLS.. the glasses even have a small red blood drop on the lense. SOLD!

retails for $60, bought it for $30 🙂

practicing for race day!

As we meandered… I couldn’t help but catch the giant wall of Brooks shoes by the Charm City Run booth… I love me some Brooks.. and just in time, my old ones are biting the dust. The particular model that I buy just released a new version.. as well as a new price. $140 for these puppies. Yikes! BUT… because it’s the expo… I got a great discount, and only ended up paying $112 for my brand new Brooks Glycerin 10’s. Yes Please!

so… pretty…

By then, my wallet was reeling.. and the expo was winding down.. but there was one more stop to make… premiums!

YEAH baby… the half shirts are my favorite shade of purple this year!

I didn’t end up getting the orange “We put the HON in Marathon” shirt I wanted… the orange ones were sold out! And while the other colors were nice… I didn’t feel like paying $30 for them! So, I settled for just my race premium.. which is an Under Armour performance shirt that retails for about $45.. glad to see that I get something for my $85 race fee 😉

So bright and early tomorrow morning peeps! Look for my race recap post! Should be a good one! 

One thought on “Counting Down…

  1. Just curious about the t-shirt – I saw a black one during the marathon yesterday. Was there something on the front? All I could think of was my wife Marilyn who I have “dragged” (probably not true when we went to Hawaii) to many a marathon, so my quote is, “Marilyn is the ‘HON’ in my marathons!” Hope your 1/2 went well.

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