Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (and Almost Time for the BRF!)

The winners for my September Virtual 5k and 50/50 Raffle for the Cure were determined last Sunday! Sorry it’s taken some time to get this out there, but I wanted to make sure all the business was taken care of before announcing the winners!

There was not a whole lot of participation, I’m sorry to say, but I managed to raise about $32 for the LLS after all was said and done. Not as much as I’d really hoped, but it’s $32 more than when I started.

First place 5k runner with a time of 24:32 was Ian P.
Second place runner with a time of 36:36 was Chrissy D.
Third place runner with a time of 41:20 was Maggie B.

The 50/50 raffle ended up with a total pot of $71. All entries were placed in a spreadsheet and then randomized. The min and max were plugged into’s number generator and out popped #44… Which was William U.

Congrats to all the winners!! Your prizes were put in the mail yesterday!

On to other business…

Only two days left until the Baltimore Running Festival! I’m really excited about this one… It is the biggest race I’ve run since Disney last January. They are predicting about 30,000 people to be downtown on Saturday… That’s crazy! This is not a race I’m running for charity.. But I’ll be sporting my TNT wear all the same.

TNT is hosting a water stop near the finish, and if anyone has ever raced before… They’re the best! Dressed up in crazy costumes, cheering you on as you go.. It’s very uplifting especially at a time when you really don’t have anything left and you’re just holding on to the finish.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful.. though a little chilly in the 40’s & 50’s. BUT that just means I’ll have a great run with no humidity to hinder me 🙂

I’m not really looking to break my PR.. (Although a sub 2 hr would be awesome ;)) Since I’m training for the marathon, I need to focus on getting in my quality miles so I don’t hurt myself and so that I have minimal recovery time so I can get right back to it. I think the taper is doing its job though… And I’m definitely wigging out just a little.

If you have ever run a big race, you know how wonderful and yet, how awful the taper is. Wonderful in the sense that you don’t have to run as many miles anymore on long runs.. Awful in the sense that.. It drives you nuts.

I’ve had all the symptoms: feeling restless, anxious, nervous, feeling inadequate and heavy during mid week runs, having nightmares about race mishaps, worrying that my training wasn’t enough.. And of course.. That lovely bloated feeling from all the carbs you’ve been fueling up on. I almost had a mini panic attack last night as I pictured myself out on the course having to walk half the race because I couldn’t make it. But I reminded myself that these feelings are normal.. And that I’ve been training since June.. AND I peaked with two 12 milers… I’ll be fine.

SO… Activities start Friday night as Dawn and I head down to M&T Bank Stadium for the expo. The expo at Disney was ginormous.. But the expo at Frederick left much to be desired. I’m looking forward to a lot of the vendors… And I SO want this shirt!

My bib number is in the 40,000 range.. Which means I’ll be in the 4th wave on Saturday… But I guess it’s not all that bad considering starting with a slower pace group is probably smart.

The half starts at 9:45.. Which is pretty late as far as races go.. But I think they want to give the Marathoners a chance to catch up.. As the half starts at the half way point of the marathon. Then I’ll be on my way to 13.1!

whoo hoo!

Sunday, I work the next Ravens game. That should be interesting. But when I think of all the money I’m raising for charity (even though I’m really not sure how much I’ve made so far) it makes it worth it. PLUS the game is at 1.. Not 7 or 8. AND it’s the last one I’ll be working until December (unless there’s a special event or something that comes up.) So should be ok 🙂

I have a whole slew of things coming up in Oct/Nov, fundraiser wise and non-fundraiser wise, so fall is turning out to be quite busy indeed! I’m talking trips to NY & FL, Tastefully Simple/31 Fundraisers, a Pampered Chef party, Two bonfires, a Halloween party, another restaurant fundraiser, and.. Oh yeah, I’m training for a marathon. (Gulp)

feeling slightly crazed….

One thought on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (and Almost Time for the BRF!)

  1. Hey listen, if you still want to do a bake sale, I’d be happy to whip you up some Oreo pops (with purple sprinkles and ribbons, obviously). You could make a lot of money off them- because I’ve come to realize, for some reason, people go NUTS for those things. You could easily sell them for way more than it’s going to cost to make them.

    PS. I’m in love with that “Hon” in Marathon shirt. That’s fabulous, hon! LOL

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