Welcoming October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Happy October Everyone!

It’s crazy how fast September flew by, but time flies when you’re having fun!
I still have some residual stuff from September to address.. So I’ll attend to that now.

Bondi Bands

Ongoing! If you haven’t ordered yet- you still have time. I’m selling the headbands for $8 each, and 56% of that gets to go to the LLS. (Yay!) Pease check out my Blog post HERE for more info, or the Bondi Band website HERE to pick a style I don’t have on hand. There are so many cool designs to choose from.. So don’t miss out! (To those that have ordered… I’m SO sorry… there was some issues with the shipment, which has caused a delay in getting them to me.. they are on the way and I will get them to you asap!)

2013 Entertainment Books

I’m selling these coupon books as a fundraiser. They are $30, but each book contains over $50,000 in coupon savings. A % of every book sold is going to the LLS. This is an ongoing fundraiser I’ll be running until December. If you’ve ever bought an Entertainment coupon book before, you know what a good investment it is. (Makes a good gift too!) Shoot me a message at purplerunningpug@gmail.com if interested 🙂

Virtual 5K and 50/50 Raffle For The Cure

this is happening NOW! Sign up by visiting my pages HERE for the 5K and HERE for the raffle. You can submit your donation by check or Paypal. Walk of run the 3.1 miles on your own time and submit your time HERE! Fastest times in each category wins prizes! Please check my original post HERE for what those prizes are! Contests close on 10/6 and results will be announced on 10/7.

Greene Turtle Fundraiser

My teammate Dawn and I hosted a fundraiser night at the Greene Turtle in Aberdeen last Tuesday. We raffled off a Pandora bracelet donated by Saxon’s Jewlers in Aberdeen. (Congratualtions Tony!) I was also selling Bondi Bands and Entertainment books. The Green Turtle also graciously gave us 10% of the sales for anyone who gave our flyer to their server. I’m not sure how much we made yet.. but we had a pretty good turn out, so I’m sure we made out pretty well. THANK YOU Greene Turtle! and THANK YOU to everyone who came out!

Our table at the Greene Turtle fundraiser on 10/2

We are planning a similar event at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Festival of Bel Air.. dates are still to be arranged, but they are going to give us 20% for all who bring in our vouchers. There JUST may be a raffle for a signed football involved… stay tuned for details.. you won’t want to miss it!

So October is Breast cancer awareness month. I know that I’m running and raising money in support of blood cancer research… But breast cancer pulls at my heart as well. My grandmother, Betty DiPietro passed away from breast cancer 11 years ago October the 8th. It was heart wrenching to watch this bigger than life, strong, loving, and Independant person waste away into a skinny, frail, weak shadow of what I’ve always known her to be. My grandmother was awesome, and I couldn’t do anything for her to make that horrible illness go away. As an innocent 17 year old, who’s biggest conflict should be what to wear for homecoming, I had to deal with the pain of watching the illness take this person I so dearly loved and admired, and grieving over the fact that she would never get to see me graduate high school, never get to see me get married, never get to hold her great grand children. I remember coming to visit at her house, but feeling detached because I hated seeing her like that. My mom and her siblings took turns caring for her in her home while she was on hospice care. I remember the phone call we got from my mom around 10 pm the night she died, telling us she was finally at peace. It was both a relief and a deep sadness, as I was glad she was no longer suffering, and that we could have my mom back, but I was also struck with the numbness of loss and waves of sadness of losing someone the world could never replace. I remember sitting in her house after the funereal thinking “this is the last time I’ll be in this house” So many happy childhood memories of holidays and family gatherings and summers spent with Grandma.. No more. My grandmother was 64 when she passed. Today she would be 75.

Still miss you every day! ❤

I hate cancer. I hate that breast cancer took my grandmother. I hate that kidney cancer took my grandfather. I hate that leukemia has a hold on my last living grandparent. It needs to stop. Pease, do something this month to support cancer research. Buy something pink for breast cancer, donate to a fundraiser, run a marathon, a half marathon, a 5k. Do something to take a stand and stop this disease in all of its ugly forms. Your children and grand children.. And even great grand children need and deserve this. Do it for the future.

I run… To BEAT cancer.

One thought on “Welcoming October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Your grandmother was an awesome lady! I miss her and the many words of advice she gave me throughout the years. I loved her as though she was my own blood. It is horrible to watch a loved one succumb to such a horrible disease. My mother was a breast cancer survivor for more than 25 years and then was taken from us by another horrible form of cancer. Oral cancer. My mother never drank a sip of alcohol or used any type of tobacco her whole life. NEVER think you are immune to this horrible disease. It comes in so many forms. It is like a thief in the night. It robs so many of a life!
    Even though times have changed things over the years, I love your family today, as always!
    Becky Wallace

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