Tornado Weekend

Forget whirlwind… this weekend was exhausting. this blog post is kinda long, so I’ll give you a short version, and a not so short version.

My weekend- the short version:

1) Shopping- for groceries, pants, and an ice cream cake! (Who would have thought mint chocolate chip would be so hard to find?)
2) Birthday party- ringing in the BF’s big 2-9 right!
3) 12 mile run- In Annapolis… Holy. Hills.
4) Visit to Grandma- I brought her flowers 🙂
5) TNT kickoff party- not what I expected, but food was good.
6) Ravens game- Football games at 8:20pm the night before a workday just should not be allowed.

My weekend- the not so short version

Friday the BF and I were off from work, so we took advantage of the lack of Friday morning shoppers to get our weekly shopping done. This involves a highly coordinated effort of coupon filtering, list making, and visiting multiple stores. (I’m a Taurus and he’s a Virgo.. We like to plan and plot everything before executing.)

Once we were finished, we had a nice lunch and I went back out in search of pants. I needed black pants to wear at the Ravens games I’m working for Team in Training. After much searching, I found a pair at Goodwill a few weeks ago that we’re satisfactory.. However, upon wearing them to a game, I found they were really to big. So, I hit up the local discount department stores. FIRST off… I’d like to say; I appreciate the idea of skinny jeans… I do. They allow the wearing of boots, which makes a pretty rocking outfit if applied appropriately. However… WHY are ALL the black “jeans” skinny jeans??? Black skinny jeans look pretty bad on me. I have large legs (due to some pretty bad ass running muscles I got going on ;)) however, the silhouette, skin tight look, just makes them look bulky in a normal setting (not so much the running setting, but I’m looking for work pants here people!) Skinny Jeans (especially black ones) are not universal to all body types… Please make some normal boot cut ones for us slender-leg-challenged people… Please?

If my legs looked like this.. there wouldn’t be a problem!

So I tried on a variety of pants, including skinny jeans, slacks, some in stretchy material, some pleated, and everything seemed too big, too small, to long, too short, awkward and baggy in the legs yet fitting in the waist, fitting in the legs but too small in the waist… WTH! Can’t a girl find a decent pair of black work pants to wear while running around like a chicken with its head cut off?? I mean REALLY. I finally found a pair… Two pair, ironically at a store that had minimal selection in my size range.. And they were cheap- around $10 a pair. WINNING.

After all this, it was getting late. Friday was my BF Mike’s birthday and our 4 year anniversary together. He told me that all he wanted was an ice cream cake- mint chocolate chip with a layer of brownie or crunchies. I was off on the hunt. Apparently this kind of ice cream cake is hard to find. I finally hunted one down at Baskin Robins and I was lucky to find it. All the cakes looked the same; small, rectangular, white, with various decorations. I was about to give up when I decided to look over them all one more time, and there, on the bottom, decorated with a green ice cream cone and a chocolate ice cream cone, was a cake with “mint chocolate chip” written on on the box. YAY! MINE!


I came home with just enough time to get ready to go back out. Mike decided he wanted to go bar hopping in town with some friends to celebrate his birthday.. So that’s what we did. I played DD, so I watched the fun. We drank (well, they drank) we danced, we had a good time.. We were home by 12:30.. Which wouldn’t normally bother me, in fact, I wouldn’t mind staying longer… Except I was due to run on Saturday morning.. At 7, in a location an hour away. Yeah.

B-Day man!

Saturday morning was hard. But I made it up at 5:30. My running buddy came over and we drove down together. Annapolis is about an hour south of where I live. The fall TNT season was having their state wide 12/20 miler, a big peak mileage run for all the fall season runners- most if not all running in the Baltimore Running Festival. Dawn and I are not on the fall team, but we decided to drive down there to run anyways. My grandmother- whom I’m running in honor of, also lives down that way, about 20 mins north of Annapolis, so I figured I could pay her a visit. plus, I remembered the Annapolis route was really scenic, and a change in scenery would be welcomed.

The hill overlooking the Severn River and the Navel Acadamy

Holy. Hills. I wrote in a previous entry about how hard my first 12 miler was. How much it hurt, how tough it was on me… And on Dawn. I chalked it up to inexperience. Having done a 12 miler last week, and felt great… I figured 12 take 2 would be just fine.. Especially with the view. Um… I almost died. The first 7 miles takes you out towards the Navel Academy. You come down a hill to the TNT water stop overlooking the Severn river and the Navel Academy across it. The you run down the hill and over the bridge… Course if you’ve ever driven over a major span before… You know that it goes up, peaks and goes back down. BIG HILL. Twice… Because we had to turn around and come back. And that hill we saw the amazing view on.. Yeah we had to run back up it. Not to mention all the lovely hills along the way.

TNT water stop!


still feeling good at this point

at the peak!

On the second leg, around mile 10, we encountered a hill that had to be at least a 15% incline (ever try to run that on a treadmill?? Yeah I walk.. At like 3.5 no less.) By the time I got to the top, I was practically crawling. All I can say is… The Anne Arundel county team that practices in Annapolis is going to Rock The Baltimore Running Festival, that’s for sure. We finished our 12 miles in 2 and a half hrs… And saying that we were done is an understatement.

After we left the trail, we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some flowers for my grandmother. We stopped by her house to visit with her for a little bit and she told us all about my extended family. I don’t get to see everyone very much because they all live pretty far from me, so it was good to get the update. It’s most amazing to hear about how grown up my younger cousins are… driving, senior in HS, jobs, college.. It’s crazy! (I still remember holding them as babies.. I even remember attending my aunts’ baby showers!)

Anyways, Grandma herself was doing good. The Drs are going to try and wean her off of some of her medication that helps with her breathing. (She had a bad reaction to one of the chemo medications which left her with scar tissue in her lungs and makes it terribly difficult to breathe. She is and has been on oxygen and was pretty much told she can never come off it for the rest of her life.) But she has been getting around ok with the help of a motor chair (again, the chemo meds and oxygen issues make her too weak to be out and about without assistance for long periods of time) We enjoyed our visit, and headed out after about an hour.

When I got home, I relaxed a little, then took a shower and got ready for the TNT winter season kickoff party. The party was held at a bar/grill about 40 mins away. I was kinda disappointed that it wasn’t like the kickoff breakfast they held last year- which was more like a rally with guest speakers and mission moments. But the food was good, and I got to chat with our Harford County mentor. Yay for winter season starting up!

Sunday morning I got to sleep in a little , and then enjoyed some rare down time. Shortly after lunch, I got ready for work at M&T Bank stadium. This was game #2 for concessions fundraising. We got to the stadium around 3:30.. But the game didn’t start until 8:20 (whoever thought that it was a good idea to hold a football game that late the evening before a workday needs to be punched in the face.) the last game I worked, it was a madhouse. Due to the fact that I get off from my real job at 4:30, I was unable to get downtown until around 6 for the 7 pm Monday night game. The place was a madhouse! We arrived at our stand, got thrown on a register, and didn’t stop until the game ended. Game # 2 wasn’t quite like that, it was a lot less hectic. We found ourselves standing around until the gates opened to the public, and even then we only had a trickle of people. By halftime there was a line, but not nearly as much as that first game.

may I take your order?

If anyone watched the Ravens vs. Patriots game… Then you know how late it was when it ended. We left the stand around 12:30 am only to get stuck on the shuttle bus to the car for 40 minutes. Ugh! I finally made it home, was showered and in bed by 2:15 am. I gave myself an extra 45 mins of sleep than usual… But even with that, I still only got 3 hrs of sleep. Monday was painful. The next game is on Thursday… At 8:20… and I have work in the morning. Not looking forward to that… But you know what? Cancer is worse. I’ll take the sleep deprivation any day.. And keep working for a cure!

Sorry again for the long post.. And thanks for hanging in there to read it all! That’s what happens when there’s so much to write about and not enough time to do it. Next one will be shorter… I promise 🙂

not Zeus… but feeling a little like this guy..

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