Half Past September?

I can’t believe we are more than halfway done the month already! Where does the time go? I meant to post this earlier in the week, but I’ve been having technical problems with the website (I think it was my browser.. And anyone have issues with the WordPress iPad app?) Anyways…


What do you mean the month’s almost over!?!?!

A few notes….

-I placed an order for Bondi Bands.. If you ordered one.. Thank you! I will get them to you as soon as I can! If you didn’t.. Don’t worry! I’ll be placing another order sometime in the future. Let me know which one you want and I’ll add it to my list!

-I had to change the date(s) for my Virtual 5K and Raffle.. I moved it to the week of 9/30- 10/6. Winners of the raffle and the 5k will be announced on 10/3. I have not had a lot of participants sign up yet… So if you’re a runner/walker that would be interested in a race for a good cause- please consider it! Visit my post HERE for details! Prizes will be given out for the fastest times in both running and walking.

-My running buddy/teammate and I are hosting a fundraiser night at our local Greene Turtle. If you are in the Baltimore area, please consider coming up! Starting around 6pm I will be promoting my 5k and raffle, selling Bondi Bands, and Entertainment Books, and my teammate Dawn will be raffling off a Pandora Bracelet! All that PLUS Greene Turtle is donating 10% of the entire day’s proceeds to our cause! All you have to do is bring our flyer and give it to your waiter/waitress. (We will be handing them out outside as well if you forget to bring one!) As a special deal for my readers- let me know that you read about this on Purple Running Pug and I will give you a 50% discount on Bondi Bands! So come join the fun!

Weekend Recap..

This weekend was relaxing. I ran my long run on Saturday and the NCR trail in Baltimore county. We did 12 miles. It was great! The weather was PERFECT- in the 50’s, clear, and 0 humidity. It definitely had an effect on how I was feeling during the run. There were tons of people out and about, which always is motivating to me. I really didn’t start to feel tired or sore until mile 9 or 10.. Which was fantastic.


NCR Trail

I remember my first 12 mile run last year… It was awful. It was two out and back segments, and I remember thinking after the first 6 miles.. do I REALLY have to do another 6 right now!? It was painful. The second leg we really had to slow it down, stopped to rest and stretch a couple times. We made it back though, in pain, but accomplished.

My second 12 miler was better, but the last two miles were SO painful! Seriously, I think I pulled or strained my groin muscle in mile 10, and by mile 11 I couldn’t feel my legs anymore they hurt so bad. I remember I made the joke to my friend, I don’t know how I’m even running right now.. I think I’m just moving forward with my legs flailing behind me!

This was my third 12 miler.. And it felt great. I’ve been doing some treadmill hill intervals as well as speed intervals and I think it’s been helping. Plus, our normal training route is pretty hilly, so maybe that combined with the fact that the NCR is pretty flat helped things along. All I can do is hope that my half in Baltimore goes just as well!

Speaking of which… The Baltimore Running Festival is less than a month away! I’m so excited.. This will be my first time participating. (Running the Half.. If you haven’t guessed…)

Every year they run the promo/news clip on TV about it.. I remember thinking.. How do so many people do that? I don’t think I ever could. While training for the Disney half last year, my 6 mi run was at the all-state training for the participants in the Fall season doing the BRF. I thought to myself- I wanna do that one day. So this year’s the year… I’m going to be one of those thousands of people running in Charm City on Oct 13! Since I also finished the Frederick half in May, I get the Maryland Double medal for finishing both 😉

I’m liking that the half marathon color is PURPLE this year 😉

Bring it!

And one final note…

How bout them O’s!!!


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