Things I Learned Working A Ravens Game: Bengals Edition

kinda crappy picture.. but the stadium looks awesome at night!

Monday night was my first concession stand fundraiser at M&T Bank Stadium. I didn’t get to see the game, but man you could hear it! The experience was overall enjoyable. It was very hard work and I was exhausted by the end, but felt gratified at the same time. From the minute we (my runing buddy and I) got there it was pretty much constant chaos. We were thrown onto a register with little to no training and had to fend for ourselves from the get go. It was frustrating, slow, and embarassing at first, but gradually we picked it up. Here is a list of things we learned over the course of our 4 hour stint. (PS- Ravens blew the Bengals out of the water 44- 13! Whoo!)

  1. Baltimore is bad-ass.. never seen so much purple in my life. It was glorious.

  2. Check both ways before running through crowds to find your stand number… you may find it’s shorter to go the other way.

  3. Dragging a stuffed animal version of the opposing team’s mascot through the stadium by the neck with a noose is perfectly acceptable behavior. (Bmore has some crazy fans!)

  4. There is no watching the game. At all. I didn’t even know the score till I was able to pull it up on my phone at the end of the night.

  5. There is no time to check your phone.. or think.. or breathe.. only react.

  6. Stadium concessions are rediculously overpriced. And NO, we do not give away extra food or sell it at a discounted price.

  7. If the soda tap you are pouring from suddenly goes haywire and sprays everywhere… check the cup you are filling before moving on to a working tap… otherwise you might be serving coke a la soda nozzle. (The customer DID return it by the way!)

  8. Not all the beer taps work properly. Ask the closest person which one to use before grabbing a random tap… unless of course you and everyone around you WANTS to be covered in foam.

  9. Never run out of ice. Just don’t do it.

  10. People are actually pretty understanding if you run out of something (except ice)- they’ll either wait or just pick something else.

  11. It IS possible to navigate a large crowded stadium concession stand carrying an order of chicken tenders & fries in one hand while lugging an entire case of Dasani water in the other hand.

  12. Don’t card older people… it’s a touchy subject.

  13. You only get 1 sleeve of coutesy cups for the whole stand.. use them wisely.

  14. You can eat whatever you want at any time.. you just don’t have any time to do it.

  15. If your register is by the door, be prepared to be the doorman.

  16. Yes we have to take the cap off your water, no we do not have honey mustard, and would you like a tray for that?

  17. Although the lines are pretty much constant, you WILL know when it’s halftime by the low supply and high demand

  18. Last Call = take the handles off the taps… that way, when people get mad & complain about the customer in front of them ordering food in a “drinks only” line, wasting his chance to get beer, you can simply tell him it’s impossible.

  19. There is a lifecycle to Last Call- First comes anger & resistance (What do you MEAN you have no more beer!?!?) Then there’s denial (I don’t understand… no more beer? But it’s only the start of the 3rd quarter..) Followed by panic & withdrawl (you guys got beer? no beer? who still has beer?!) And lastly.. acceptance (alright, well I’ll just take a pretzel then.)

  20. You will feel like you ran 10 miles when you’re done. (Trust me, I would know.)

pretty much how I felt too Zeus!

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