We Remember

For lack of a better term…”happy” Patriot Day. 11 years ago, we all stood in shock as the worst attack on American soil unfolded before our eyes. Everyone remember’s where we all were that day.. and how surreal and horrific those events were.

I was in my 12th grade English class. It was the 1st period of the day and it was the end of class. Everyone was goofing off, and carrying on with their friends. I was a quiet kid, and didn’t happen to have a ton of my friends in that class, so I was patiently waiting for the bell to ring. I was people watching.. not really doing anything… and I noticed my teacher playing with an hand held radio. I was just sort of watching him.. then he got up and walked over to the TV in our classroom. The school TVs really didn’t get outside reception, they were there for videos only. But I watched, curious as my teacher was playing with the antenna, trying to get a signal. I thought it was strange.. but no one else seemed to be paying attention. Then I heard him mutter.. somone’s bombed the World Trade Center. I was like “huh!?” I wasn’t sure what he meant or how bad it was.. we have a World Trade Center bldg here in Baltimore.. so I wondered if maybe that’s what he was talking about? Then he managed to get the screen on the TV to clear just as the bell rang. I saw it… the towers on fire… LOTS of fire.. everywhere. Only me and two other students even noticed, as the rest of the class filed out talking and carrying on, to their next classes. I stood there frozen for a minute.. stunned. Then reality hit me and I knew I would never make it to my class on time. (My next class was about as far as you possibly could get from where  English was… pretty much you had to run to get there under normal circumstances.) As I rushed through the halls, I remember feeling panicked and as I looked around, I noticed that NOBODY knew what was going on. I ran into my french teacher’s classroom (I was the Aide for her that year) panicked and told her that someone’s bombed the WTC. Looking back on it now… It seems silly.. she knew nothing of it and I’m sure I freaked her out. I made it to my next class shortly after the bell rang and ran over to my friends. I told them and they could see how shaken up I was. But still it was strange that no one seemed to know. I told them, “guys… this is really bad.. REALLY bad. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s HUGE.”


Later that class the principal made an announcement over the intercom regarding the events.. nothing specific, but that we were to stay in our classes until further notice. That’s when people started getting pulled out of school. Our school is on the outskirts of a major military base. A huge target if we were under attack. Parents were rushing the schools, pulling kids out. We heard about the Pentagon.. one of my friends’ dad worked there.. she was freaking out. They let us out of school around 10ish. As I drove home, the only thing on the radio was about the attacks. I was terrified. I called my mom and let her know what was going on and she told me to go home and stay home. As I got home, my sister, who had stayed home sick was already watching the TV. I saw the towers fall. I held my breath with tears in my eyes and watched all those people fall to their deaths. I saw the people running, the smoke cloud chasing them. It still brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about it.

Everyone has a story of where they were and what they were doing. I don’t have a very good memory in general, but the events of that day are vivid… like they just happened last year.

Every year we tell each other of where we were 9/11/01. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone. This is where we stand United. Keep telling your stories.. We Will NEVER Forget!


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