Whirlwind Weekend

Whew.. what a weekend. I trust everyone had a good one?

Friday I was off from work. The BF and I did a little food shopping (note- SO much easier to get in and out of the store on Fridays.. even if it’s after work. No one shops then!) Then We had some lunch and hit up Tasti D-Lite for $0.25 ice cream. If you don’t know what Tasti D-Lite is.. you are missing out. Low cal, self serve “ice cream” (in quotes cause it’s really not ice cream, or frozen yogurt exactly… but it’s fantastic) with a toppings bar. A hundred flavors to choose from.. (no really.. check it out)


The one near me usually has 8 flavors on tap (changes daily). Since it was Tasti’s 25th b-day.. they were holding a $0.25 sale for 4 oz cups. The Birthday Cake flavor they were promoting was out.. but I got Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and Rice Pudding Swirl. YUM!

Then I was out and about. I stopped at a few businesses to ask for donations.. got at least one hopefull one. Dropped some stuff up at Goodwill.. stopped my my mom’s to drop off the Bondi Bands she sold for me at work… (ongoing fundraiser! Check it out HERE) Went to the library and took out the movie Limitless.. which the BF and I watched Fri night.. it was pretty good, but not as I expected. I give it a 6 out of 10.

Anyone see the movie? I need to get me one of those pills… well maybe after he perfects it.

Saturday morning, I joined the team for our long run. I didn’t really want to go.. it was warm and very humid out.. and after last week’s 9 mile tourture.. I wasn’t thrilled to do 10. BUT it’s interesting how your body can vary among long runs. This week’s 10 miles left me feeling energized. Tired, yes, my quads were DONE. But I felt strong when I finished.. which was more than I could say for poor Dawn, my running partner. I had to help pull her through the last few miles. We made it though!

I ordered a couple of books.. looking forward to getting them. Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training and Runner’s World The Runner’s Body. I’m a Kindle girl… I love reading and I bring my Kindle everywhere. I even read on the treadmill at the gym. But I like how these books are organized (saw them when I was browsing at Barns & Noble.. but cheaper to order from Amazon.) and I’m hoping to pick up some good training tips. Also ordered a few things for the BF’s b-day.. but I’ll discuss that later this month 😉

Sunday the BF and met up with my Dad for lunch. His B-day was on Sat (happy b-day dad!) I got him his very own 2013 Entertainment Coupon Book (YOU can get one too! Check out my fundraiser HERE)

Save $$ and lives at the same time!

He ended up giving me money from my b-day that we never ended up getting together for.. which essentially paid for his gift. (Hey! win-win! :))

Later Sun afternoon, the BF and I took Zeus to a Pug Strut fundraiser for Pug’s for Pinky- a local group that helps out sick pugs and their families in the community. It was so cool to meet all the pugs and have a little get together with fellow pug maniacs people. We met up at a local Pizza Hut and then took a short walk down the street. (we were supposed to walk to a park, but it was a little warm so we decided to cut it short.. pugs don’t fare well in the heat.) The chorus of labored breathing was hilarious.. and of course, Zeus pranced his way to every tree and pole along the way. In the end it made for some pretty good pictures.

Pugs for Pinky Fundraiser

Pug tangle

Happy Zeus!

Found some shade

group pic!

Zeus gets his very own Pug Strut “medal”

We took home a Pizza, which a % of the cost went to Pugs for Pinky (Zeus got to eat some of the crust,) then we rounded out the weekend with a little well deserved TV time.. of which Zeus fell asleep and didn’t flinch before bedtime. Big day!)

Today I get to go to M&T Bank Stadium for the opening Ravens game! Catch is… I’m not watching, I’m working ;_; BUT.. all the money I make from my share gets to go towards my LLS fundraiser. Sacraficing for the cause.. gotta love it! Recap is in your future.. be sure to check back!

4 thoughts on “Whirlwind Weekend

  1. I’m not a runner, but I just discovered your blog and am enjoying your posts & photos about your pug! If you happen to like dog stories, you may want to check out my website http://www.maijaharrington.com , where I’m posting my book, one chapter each week. “Funny Tails: Adventures & Misadventures in Living with Pugs” is a lighthearted look at 10 years of life with our own 3 pugs plus numerous foster dogs. So far, readers think it’s pretty funny.
    Best wishes, and keep the pug posts & pics coming!
    Maija (pronounced My-uh)

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