Everyone Loves Bondi Bands…

You know you want one… so here’s the scoop!

I’ve been hyping up these Bondi Bands to anyone who will listen. Well, last night, I got my shipment in! Yay!

There are two types of Bondi Bands that I ordered. One are Heavy Sweat Wicking (which, don’t worry, really are not heavy.. heavy duty maybe,) and the others are Fashion (lycra fabric).

I was really excited to get these last night, so, of course, I had to try one! (Got me my very own purple TNT band ;))

pretty in purple 🙂

First, I should tell you… that I can’t wear headbands. They fall off. I think the back of my head is flat or something, I don’t know… headbands do not work for me. I bought a really cool headband last year at the Disney expo (purple and shiny of course!) This has been the only headband that works for me, because it has a adjustable strap to make it smaller, and two built-in hair clips to pin them to my head , other than that… even the grippy, no slip bands don’t work. It’s annoying. So, I always pin my hair back with my handy dandy hairclip. It works.

Last night, I wanted to see how well these bad boys worked. I purposely didn’t use a hair clip for my bangs.. just to see how it would hold up. I slipped it on, folded it under, played around with it a bit, took some pictures.. felt nice. Not too loose, but not to tight either. Light weight fabric, easy to manipulate. Hmm.. ok. But how does it fair in motion? So I took it for a run.

Stylin’ in my headband

Folds down over the ears for those cold & windy days

A few times along my run I noticed that it was slipping up in the back a little, but I was able to pull it back into place pretty easily. The way I put it on, I kinda folded under the back and front so that the logo was in the middle. Once I pulled the front out a bit, I noticed it didn’t slip as much. (This coming from flat-head Stephanie too…something to this.)

I got back to the house after 3 miles (a nice, easy run after my 9 miler on Saturday,) looked in the mirror.. and hey! My hair doesn’t look too bad! I don’t have the halo of frizzies that usually accompany my post workout glow. (If you have curly hair… you know what I’m talking about.)

Fresh from my 3 mi run

I took the band off, and to my surprise.. it was SOAKED. Well, the outside of the fabric was… the inside is a more dense (I guess that’s the sweat wicking) material.. kinda feels like a thin wet-suit. Anyways, the inside of the band was dry, while the outside of the band was drenched!  I’m impressed… at no time during my run.. or after for that matter, did I feel wetness on my head. In fact, I was shocked it had so much moisture on it. I rinsed it off in the sink and hung it on the bathroom doorknob to dry. By morning, it was good as new.

Ok, but what about other workouts? If you know me, you know I’ve gotten into the HIIT training circuit. High Intensity Interval Training- short intense workouts where you push yourself as hard as you can for 30- 50 seconds with 10 seconds of “rest” in between intervals. GREAT workout, especially for those with children or don’t have a lot of time to fit it in. The workouts I do are usually about 12 mins long.. and I burn about 100 calories in that time. These workouts involve a lot of bodyweight and plyometric (explosive) moves, such as pushups, squats, jumps, lunges, presses, high knees, mountain climbers, burpees.. you get the point. Anyways, it’s a lot of rapid up and down movement. So This morning, I pulled on my trusty Bondi Band, and I have to say, again while it slipped a little, I never once felt like it was falling off, (or that I needed to rip it off cause it was bugging me.) It held back my hair pretty good.. so, I’m sold.

Of course.. you know I’m trying to sell you these, but honestly, I would give them a B+ rating. However.. if you are one of those people that never have a problem  using headbands (i.e., you do NOT have a flat head,) I would be willing to say they are an A.

So you want to see the goods? (YES! YES!)

Here are the Sweat Wicking Bands:

(starting from Top left, down to top right down)

Group 1

Group 1-

1. I Thought They Said Rum (3- black, blue, orange)
2. Almost There! (3- 2 neon yellow, 1 light blue)
3. This isn’t sweat, it’s liquid awesome (3- light pink, neon green, black)
4. Run like an animal (3- red, blue, black)
5. I don’t sweat, I glisten (3- red, black, light pink)
6. Never say never (3- purple, black, blue)

Group 2

Group 2

7. Breathe (3- light blue, light pink, yellow)
8. What I lack in speed I make up for in cute (3- yellow, blue, purple)
9. Sweat is my fat crying (3- blue, black, purple)
10. No one ever drowned in sweat (3- purple, black, light pink)
11. Slow is the new fast! (3- black, neon green, orange)
12. No pain no gain (3- 2 black, 1 light blue)

Group 3

Group 3

13. Focus (3- 2 black, 1 orange)
14. Endurance (3- yellow w/ white letters, neon yellow w/ black letters, light pink w/ pink letters)
15. Will run for wine (3- light blue, black, blue)
16. Dig Deep (3- neon yellow w/ pink letters, black w/ white letters, pink w/ silver letters)
17. Team in training (2 purple) SOLD

Here are the Fashion Bands:

(starting from top left, down to top right down)

Group 4

Group 4

1. Midnight floral
2. *blue hibiscus
3. Floral smoothie
4. *tie
5. * gypsy
6. Unknown

Group 5

Group 5

7. stamped
8. Mary
9. *cool watercolor SOLD
10.metallic grr
11. Popular floral
12. Silver metallic gator

Group 6

Group 6

13. *swirly peach zebra
14. *wild thing
15. *jaguar
16. *polka party
17. *tie dye
18. *stripy
19. *print paisley
20. Wild animal

* = not found on the website- names were made up

Like what you see? Saw something on the Bondi Band website you like and want to order? No problem! Let me know and I can get it for you!

The good news…I’m selling these for $8.. which is what they retail for… but I’ll mail them to you for free 😀

 The even BETTER news.. 50% of every band sold is donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. YUP. Not only are you becoming comfortably fashionable.. YOU are also saving lives by helping to cure blood cancer! (WOW! HOW CAN I GET ONE!?!?)

Sporting one of the Fashion bands

Email me at purplerunningpug@gmail.com to let me know which band(s) you want, your name and where I’m sending them. See my page Donation Information for step by step instructions of how to forward your payment. Once payment is confirmed, I’ll ship your band(s)! (WHOO HOO!)

So there you have it! Sorry for such a long post… kinda snuck in a review there… but now you know, and thank you for taking the time to read and supporting my cause!

5 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Bondi Bands…

  1. Since I got a new haircut, I have bangs now and I can’t pull them back! (and yes I know all about the frizz halo!) Now I Just need to decide which one I want…

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