Hello world!

HI there! This is my first post to my new blog, Purple Running Pug. If you are finding yourself here.. it might be because I told you to come read! If not.. well hello! If you know me in real life, then you would know that I’m 28 years old and that I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. (Ok, a little north of Baltimore… but you get my point) You might also know that I like to run… and that I’m crazy. Crazy cause I just signed up to run my first marathon. (Holy. Crap.)

Last year I ran my first half marathon (please see my intro page- My Journey to 26.2,) which I saw as very doable at the time. (Hey, I could run 6 mi at one clip… so 13.1 didn’t seem impossible.) I never thought I would ever want to run a full marathon.. but the stupid competitive beast inside me told me that it’s time I pushed myself to the next level.

So here I am. I haven’t exactly started training for the Marathon yet… I’m entered for the Baltimore Half in October. (See what I did there… half way to the full, I’m running 13.1.. I know, I’m brilliant.) But the longer distances are creeping in. This past weekend, I ran 9 miles. The first time I ever ran this distance, I thought I would die.. I was so glad I was running with a group at the time, because it really pushed me through that last mile. This is the 4th time I’ve ramped it up this far (Since my first half, I’ve run a second half- 2012 Frederick Half in Frederick, MD, and the Baltimore 10 miler in downtown Baltimore. So this half in October will be my third.) I have to say though… that I felt really great. The weather was humid, and right around 70, but overcast. I only took 1 Gu.. and felt good. Maybe it’s the turning of the weather? (Cause we’ve had some pretty awful hot and humid days this summer.. even at 7 am.)

My Basno badges for Frederick (ran the Nut Job Challenge) Balt 10 Miler, and Balt Running Fest

Anyways… If you have read my intro page, My Journey to 26.2, then you know that I’m a team member of Team in Training.. this amazing group of athletes who run, bike, swim and hike in order to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I have to say, that my experience with them changed my life. I learned from them, how god it feels to give- your money, your time, your endurance, in order to better someone else who maybe dealing with unfortunate circumstances. This organization is the most earnest, genuine and focused group of people I’ve ever met.. and I’m so glad to say that I’m a part of it! There is nothing like the feeling you get, when you pass a seeming stranger on a run, and they shout GO TEAM at you.. no matter how much you’re dragging, those two little words lift you right up.


I got into TNT last year when I heard a commercial on the local radio station. I had been working on a P90X type workout program, and was nearing completion. Finishing that program was huge to me. I never missed a workout, and gained a lot of strength. It was hard, but I felt like I accomplished something pretty darn cool- and I was proud of myself that I stuck with it the whole time. So, I thought to myself.. I wonder what my next great accomplishment could be- I felt like I could do anything. The radio commercial made me curious. Train with coaches? Travel to awesome locations? Push yourself to the next level? Hmm.. gotta go check that out.

I visited teamintraining.org. I saw you could go to places like Hawaii or Disney World, or California. I watched the information video they had posted on the website- and got emotional. I was meant to do this. I saw what a strong bond the Team had, how everyone had individual goals, but all worked towards the same goal- to cure blood cancer. Having blood cancer in my family solidified my resolve. I would no longer be doing this just for me… I would be doing it for those who couldn’t. I signed up.

Like my first half last year, I’m running with TNT to accomplish my first Marathon. Also like last year, I’m raising money for the LLS. This year, I’m trying to focus more on the business end of fundraising, rather than begging the crap outta my family and friends.. (ALTHOUGH any and ALL are welcome and encouraged to donate.) I have several fundraisers in the works.. my first one being my Entertainment Book fundraiser. (please see my fundraising page for more info on that!) I’ve also signed up to work concessions at M&T Bank Stadium at the Ravens games. I’ll be selling headbands called Bondi Bands.. more on that later… and I’m also hoping to score some big ticket items to raffle off along the way. Stay tuned!

That’s about it for now I think. Thanks for lending me your ears (well, eyes really.) I hope you come back again to see what else is in store on my running adventure… and I leave you with the pug pic of the day:

Zeus and his Big Bite.. ate that sucker in 5 mins.

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. I love your banner up there! It is soooooooooooooooooooo fab! Actually the whole page looks great!!!!!!!! I just can’t resist purple even though I try 🙂

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